Why Postac?

Postac,The Smarter Choice For your transportation Needs, is one of the most trustworthy packing and moving companies in India that has been shining worldwide with enormous experience of almost 2 decades with BTTS (Bajrang Tempo Transport Services) Group. 

Key Features And Benefits Of "POSTAC"

“Quality, competitive prices and timely execution of relocation movements are the factors keeping "Postac" to exist in today's challenging market. We believe that the Quality of services is the path to win the market and satisfaction of our customers.” 

Security                             : 1200+ GPS Enabled Lockable Trucks

Serving Locations     : 1450+ Locations

Satisfied Customers : 2000K+ Shiftings Served

Year of Trust               : 22+ Years

               Major Benefits

22+ Years Experience

32+ Branches

2000K+ Shiftings & 6000+ Transportation

1K+ Vehicles

*24/7 Support


SMS/Email Alert


Real Time Location




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